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About Us

Company overview

EFULL TECHNOLOGY NIGERIA LIMITED in Nigeria, named as Efull Nigeria, is a regional local company registered and located inNO.14 Ubiaja Crescent Garki 2,Abuja,Nigeria. It’s an Efull-Egogo (HongKong) company, with a headquarter in Hangzhou, China. Efull-Egogo grew out of Egogo group, which could date back decades before when Egogo group was built up to have been concentrating on Mobile System Engineering Service, Management Service and Civil work.

Egogo group had been holding the most important partnership with multinational telecommunication giants, such as Mortorola, LUCENT, SIMENS, NORTEL, FUJITSU, HUAWEI, ZTE and CHINA PUTIAN. Egogo’s professional telecommunication service were rewarded by their consistent contract. And such service or subcontract had extended into Africa, Middle East and the Southeast Asia going along with their marketing share due to reliable partnership.

Efull-Egogo registered in March 2013. Adhering to Information Communication Technology(ICT) Service, it has been developing business introduce mature, valued and advanced ICT solution in China to African market. At present, we have been introducing the following solution to Nigeria market.

Solution one is all-in-one contactless card solution for City (including micropayment of BUS, E-parking, Taxi, merchant); for University Campus(including student identify, E-library, Class Attendance, and micropayment of shopping, feeding and school fees); for company (including company customer's member card for maintain good customer's relationship).

  • Solution Two is E-Platform for Schools(EPS). It was design to provide a platform by which Kids, Parents and School can communicate each other easily by BULK SMS. The platform additionally providing safety SMS of check-in and check-out for kids, voice communication, text message, notice announcement, etc., to bring a quicker, effective, and real-time communication between kids, parents and school.
  • Solution Three is micropayment and mobile payment system. It has been devoting to create a beneficial, trustworthy, and secure payment platform – E-payment platform for everyone. The faster, the safer, to pay and get paid, via mobile device, at any time, at any place, without sharing financial information, without cash, it will make easier for transaction online or even offline.
  • Solution Four is Advertisement on Screen. The screen can install in BUS, Club, Bank, Lift in building, Market where there are dense people through.
  • Solution Five is E-library management system. To paste RFID chip in Books for convenient, fast and high efficiency library management.

In the future, we will introduce more ICT solution to Africa market. We have confident to find good and fit African market solution. You can contact us if you want to develop ICT system.


Efull technology Nigeria Ltd., is a Nigerian local company, as Efull-Egogo subcompany providing professional implementation services and technical supports for local partners in Nigeria.

Culture and values

We have established a general company culture based on a shared mission, and value as the bedrock of Efull-Egogo group. Our success comes from continuously innovation, and unremitting efforts on meeting the requirements of the customers. We promote the values of teamwork and collaboration, and a general dedication to business excellence throughout the group.

Our mission

Easy to pay, Easy to buy.

Our value

We believe that our values not only improve our business, but also guide us to play a role that we should in the society.

Customer first: we provide the best customer service.

Innovation: our success comes from continuously innovation.

Teamwork: when everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high. The more people, the more strength, make a better achievement.

Histories and milestones

  In 2001, Our team have been to Nigeria firstly for developing mobile system market.

  In 2003, We won the first CDMA mobile system project in Nigeria.

  In 2006, Our team set up EGOGO group to develop mobile system technical service, management service and civil work in Africa. In Nigeria, we were Huawei and ZTE biggest subcontractor.

  In 2010, we got one contactless card system for BUS in Benin City. The system continues to work for three years from launching in 2010.

  In 2013, we set up EFULL-EGOGO technology (Hong Kong) Limited and Efull technology Nigeria limited, separating from EGOGO group, to focus on ICT business, especially micropayment and mobile payment system.